School Milk Provider

Milk4Life brings a life time of experience to delivering milk with all its benefits, to your child. We work with the parents, the PTA, the school and the authority to ensure that your child gets that nutritious, healthy boost just when they need it in their school day.

What we do for Parents

We offer an online ordering and payment service to enable your child to receive milk at school. We offer various payment options to suit your individual needs and are available to discuss your individual termly requirements or any other issues if they arise.


What we do for Schools

We offer assistance to run a mid-morning milk scheme; this can be a school managed scheme or a direct parent payment scheme. Either way, we source a local milk supplier to serve your school and offer you one to one hands on dedicated service. 


What we do for LEAs

We source local milk where possible, using a local distributor, thus supporting your local economy and community whilst offering a sustainable procurement solution. We are also registered claimants for the under 5’s free nursery milk and the over 5’s subsidised milk.

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